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This is the first fansite online 7years dedicated to the British actress Olivia Colman best known for her appearences with Mitchell and Webb and as Sophie in Peep Show. She has also had lead roles in films such as Hot Fuzz and Confetti, and voices many UK TV commercials and radio plays. Olivia Colman has visited the site and really likes it she seemed very happy with it and that we raise awareness of multiple sclerosis. Here at Olivia Colman Online you will find a great fan area, up to date news and a gallery with more than 6000 images.
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Beverley Matthews

Beverley Matthews

Beverley Matthews
This site is not an official site for Olivia Colman. All images are the property of their respective owners. Please contact me via email regarding any requests for credit or removal. I have no affiliation or contact with Olivia or her management.
Paparazzi Free
May 2010 – I will not post videos or photos that invade ... privacy this does not include set photos, fan taken photos or any photographs from events. However I have long been against paparazzi pictures and videos of celebrities and will therefore no longer post them here or in the gallery.

Lots of event pictures uploaded

I apologise for this HUGE gallery update but I have been sick and unable to update the site, however Olivia looks so beautiful in all these pictures so check them out. I have added pictures from Hay Fever – Gala Performance – After Party, Jameson Empire Awards 2012, London Evening Standard British Film Awards 2012, Olivia Colman, Celia Imrie attend an after party celebrating the press night performance, and South Bank Sky Arts Awards 2012 just click the pictures to see them:
Beverley Matthews Beverley Matthews
Beverley Matthews Beverley Matthews
Beverley Matthews

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